Soil Testing Services

Kannan Borewells offer soil testing services, which enables you to assess the suitability of the soil, providing you with vital data for informed decision making and planning in your construction projects. The range of soil testing services offered by us includes Geotechnical Soil Testing & Analysis, Construction Materials Testing and Soil Field Analysis Services.

We use advanced technology and highly active chemicals to test different kinds of soil. Our service is highly effective for the development of industrial buildings, residential building, commercial buildings, highway bridge, highways roads, land survey, railway line ,cross drainage, dams, tunnels for railways, thermal stations, windmill power plants, solar power plants, cement plants, gas pipe line, etc.

Proper sampling tools are essential for collection of good soil samples. Our sampling process includes Standard Penetration Test (SPT), Undisturbed Soil Samples (UDS), Disturbed Samples (DS), Core Rock Sample and other methods based on requirement.

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