Borewell Scanning Services

Borewell scanning services with the help of high resolution borewell inspection cameras are widely used inside all kinds of holes such as those created to collect soil samples, rock cores, water samples, etc. This camera unit can be called as one of the most valuable tools used in mining investigations. It allows engineers to view and make video recordings of boreholes, wells, mine shafts, sink holes and other accessible subsurface avenues.

Borewell scanning is one of the important service required throughout the life of the borewell to understand the increase and decrease of yield, season monitoring, doubt factor analysis and bore hole monitoring.

The scanning camera can be used to observe the general condition of the borewell in terms of off-sets, zones of sloughing, precipitate build-ups, sediment accumulation at the bottom, or blockages. The cracks or holes in the casing, casing deterioration, leaking joints, and casing buckling can be documented. If the pump is left in place, the condition of the pump, piping and/or wiring can be determined and a lot more. We scan existing motorised borewell's which are not working to your expectations.

Borewell scanner cameras are portable and operate with a DC power or a rechargeable battery. The camera housing is made of ateel pipe for more strenght and is precisely sealed to prevent condensation and water intrusion. The LED lights are specially designed long-life and it makes the camera images so clear that you can find it satisfactory. With high resolution, you can watch the down whole images which are sent to the surface unit by the camera in real time and the video data are recorded to disk in a standard video file format.

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