Borewell Pumps

Choosing the right pump is the most important and difficult factor. Every pump manufacturer provides a head capacity curve or a table that says how much water to expect from what depth for a given HP and its efficiency range.

Submersible pumps and Compressor pumps are mainly used for pumping water from borewell. A Submersible Pump is a device with a sealed motor which is completely submerged in water bodies, especially open wells and bore wells. They are an efficient and wiser choice since they do not require any priming as they are already submerged into water. A submersible pump suitable for a 6" borewell, will have an outer diameter of the main pump body at about 5 inches to allow necessary margin of gap for lowering and rotation of the pump. The outer diameter of a pump suitable for a 6" bore is already fixed by the pump manufacturers.

Usually the diameter of the rising pipe which brings water to the surface for a 10 HP pump is to the order of 2" – 3" depending on discharge. Also a pump lifts water depending on the speed, diameter and stages of the impellers which again the pump manufacturers decide. For a given discharge capacity, one needs more stages (counted by the number of rings in the pump body) as one goes deeper.

The borewell compressor pump works on the principle of difference in density of two-inter-connected water columns and the heavier one over balancing the lighter one. Water outflow through delivery pipe will be pulsated. the discharge of water will greatly depend on the yield of the bore. Air distributor fitted at the end makes this operation possible.

There are many types of water pumps, but there is no ideal pump for every occasion. Water pumps should be evaluated based on performance, low downtime, durability and price.

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