Borewell Maintenance Services

We are pride in offering an unmatched borewell cleaning services in Bangalore. As a borewell ages, the rate at which water may be pumped, commonly referred to as the borewell yield, flow or performance tends to decrease. Borewell must be cleaned and maintained periodically for the purpose of high yield, health and safety. With time unwanted materials stagnate and block the passway which hinders the flow of water and also it results in the accumulation of dust particles.

Borewells require regular maintenance to ensure adequate water flow and continued drinking water safety. To ensure water quality, borewell water should be tested annually for total coliform bacteria and escherichia coli bacteria.

Every three years, additional testing is recommended for pH and total dissolved solids as borewell as tests related to land uses occurring or expected to occur within sight of the borewell. A drop or complete loss of water production from a borewell can sometimes occur even in relatively new borewells due to a lowered water level from persistent drought or over-pumping of the borewell which can dewater the water bearing zones.

Measures taken to correct these problems are referred to as borewell rehabilitation or restoration. A successful borewell rehabilitation will maximize the flow of water from the borewell. The chances for successful rehabilitation depends on the cause of poor borewell performance and the degree to which the problem has progressed.

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