Borewell Drilling Services

Kannan Borewells is a trusted name in borewell drilling, water well drilling, tubewell drilling, borewell consultant services, groundwater exploration and other related services in Bangalore with a customer network all over India. With an aim to meet the expectations of our prestigious patrons, we are engaged in offering reliable borewell drilling service. Borewell drilling completely depends on the geological formation amount of vacant land present approximate depth needed and the transportation bay.

At Kannan Borewells, we undertake drilling and installation work of 8", 7 ½", 7", 6 ½" and 4 ½" diameter borewells up to a depth of 1800 ft. for sites, residence, apartments, institutions, industries etc., We carry out our projects with all new hydraulic sensor operated rigs mounted on heavy trucks and tripod with auto loading facility. We also undertake slow rig drilling, short hole drilling, earthing boreholes, pile bores, micro piles and ground water recharging boreholes. We execute our projects with different methods depending on the surface and other geological conditions.

Before drilling starts a good drilling site has to be selected, where experience suggests that there will be an adequate quantity of good quality groundwater. During the drilling process there are a lot of different aspects which require attention to prevent things from going wrong. Besides the practical drilling skills which are executed at ground level, at the same time attention has to be paid to important processes which are happening below ground level during drilling. And finally, once the hole has been drilled, the well casing, screen and sanitary seals have to be installed at the right depth, preventing contaminated water from entering, and ensuring a sufficient yield.

Above the water table, the borehole generally stays open without the need for support. Below the water table a temporary casing may be used to prevent borehole collapsing. Drilling continues inside the temporary casing using a bailer until the desired depth is reached.

Currently we follow Pneumatic Rig to the latest High-pressure, Super fast, Hydraulic Rig both on surface and in well by 4 ½", 6", 6 ½", 8", 10" & 12" borewells. 6 ½" drilling is the common drilling size we follow. The 8", 10", 12" are dug in North Indian states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat & in coastal areas. Technically 4 ½", 6", 6 ½", 8", 10" & 12" are the diameter of the drilling bit to ensure the size of the borewell.

Robotic Rigs are based on a new technology on Automatic Drilling Rigs which were specially designed for drilling the borewells in existing flats and construction completed buildings. Our Robotic Rigs has an advantage of 1500 feet drilling capacity and can move in all the directions through a narrow path. Robotic Rigs are controlled by directional valves and operated with a remote controller.

Once the borewell is drilled, casing has to be inserted to prevent the water from wearing away and being contaminated by the sides of the borewell. This casing is usually narrower in diameter than the well hole itself. The most common type for domestic installations is 6.5 inches in size.

Kannan Borewells involved in offering Borewell Rigs with numerous technical specifications. These precision engineered rigs include DTH Drilling Rig, Automatic Rod Changer Drilling Rig, Tractor Mounted Rigs and Piling Rigs.

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